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King Street Theatre

King Street Theatre

The Newtown Theatre features a large foyer area and licenced bar featuring pre and post show entertainment. Technical features include three phase power, air conditioning, fixed seating, backstage area, & a new (paintable) stage area (50 sq metres).

What's On

No upcoming events listed for King Street Theatre.

Short+Sweet Theatre

Writer/Director: Peter Shelley (NSW)
ITC: Shadowland Productions
Cast: Emma Harris (Jenny), Rose Cooper (Amanda Dromedary)

A short story writer toasts the success of her short story writer friend. This is the eighth play written by Peter Shelley to be produced in Short & Sweet.

Crash Test Dummies
Writer: Russell McGilton, (VIC)
Director: Anny Slater
ITC: Moondance Pictures
Cast: Andrew Sheehan (Dummy Don), Brendan Wynter (Dummy John)

Crash Test Dummies is a head on comedy collision! Hold on to your helmet as Dummy Don and Dummy John take you on the wild ride that is Crash Test Office politics!

Hope Chest
Writer: David McAmis (NSW)
Director: Stephen Carnell
Cast: Tanya Ann Powell (Amanda), Matt Thomson (Ian)

What happens when hope dies? A couple struggle to bury the past and hold onto the future.

Writer: Scott Grimley (NSW)
Director: Katherine R Davis
Cast: Paul Layton (Mikey), Silvana Lorenzo de Shute (Sarah), Gavin Williams (Dave)

“Dear Socks, its been a long time! I’m still trapped in this hell-hole with the evil dungeon mistress. Hope to escape soon, Your brother, Mikey.”

One Plus One Equals One
Writer: Liz Schneidewin, (QLD)
Director: Cec Busby
Cast: Lizzie Gibney (Helen), TBC (Fisher)

Helen has found the man of her dreams, or is she really stuck in a fantasy? One Plus One Equals One discovers sometimes the best relationships are make believe… or are they?

The Sound in the Throat
Writer: Liz Meriwether (USA)
Director: Tanya Denny
Cast: Lucy Miller (Girl)

Explores the rules of the jungle when love isn’t enough.

Thin Air
Writer: Thomas Coash
Director: David Ritchie
Design: Tony Youlden
Cast: Gertraud Ingeborg

A circus performer prepares to step again onto the high wire after her husband has ‘come down’ (fallen to his death).

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