A Gun In Each Hand

A Gun In Each Hand
rated [M]
95 minutes

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In this witty and scathingly hilarious portrait of manhood and its shifting role in contemporary Barcelona, a largely male cast of 30 and 40-somethings are unhappy with their relationships, depressed, and divorced. Their mates seem to be in the same position, so as they don?t have a wife or girlfriend to talk over their issues, the talk to each other.
movie name cast
Eduardo Noriega,Leonor Watling,Javier Camara,Ricardo Darin
A Gun In Each Hand director
Directed by:
Cesc Gay
A Gun In Each Hand reviews
This is not an action film and the only thing that gets shot off here are a lot of barbs and back-chat at the expense of blokes, most of whom, on the available evidence, had it coming. SBSTV

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